Eye and Vision Exams in York, Geneva, & Hebron

Eye and Vision Exams Supplied by a York, Geneva, and Hebron Optometrist

Everyone should seek the assistance of an optometry expert for a routine examination. Depending on your vision and age, you may need annual or biannual visits. At Mid America Vision Center, serving Hebron, Geneva, York, and the nearby NE vicinity, we offer eye care services provided by an eye doctor who genuinely wants to optimize your vision and help preserve the health of your eyes.

eye and vision examsEye Exams

A part of your comprehensive vision exam is an eye exam that evaluates the health of your eyes. Our eye doctor will use a machine that blows air into your eyes in order to check you for glaucoma. Our optometrist uses a magnifying device to look into your eyes and look for problems with the lens and retina of your eye. We also talk to you about any issues you're experiencing, which can help us detect certain eye health issues. For instance, our optometry specialist may determine you have dry eye based on your current discomfort level when you wear your contacts.

Vision Exams

The other portion of an eye exam is the portion where our optometrist has you look into a machine. It consists of two lenses that allow you to see rows of letters. We have you read one row at a time to determine if you have any issues with your vision. We use the results to determine if you need glasses or contacts. 

During our vision exams, we check your eyes for issues like astigmatism. This condition occurs when your eye isn't shaped normally. When light enters into your eyes, it doesn't pass through and land directly on the retina. Instead, it reflects on the retina improperly, which leads to your vision appearing blurry. In some cases, we can determine an eye health issue based on the results of your vision screening. 

Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses Fitting

A contact lens fitting is comprised of our eye doctor having you look into a machine. Once you do, it detects the dimensions of your eyes. Afterward, we can put you in contacts that are comfortable and optimize your vision. We may need to put you in a specialized type of contacts based on the size of your eyes, eye health, and even the presence of any vision problems.

An eyeglass fitting is a simple process where our optometrist has you pick out frames you like. As part of our eye care services, we help you find a shape and color ideal for your face. Then, our optometrist sizes you for the glasses. 

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