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Selecting the right eyeglasses isn’t always easy. As a significant investment involving daily wear, it’s a decision that requires careful deliberation. Our staff will help to make this decision as clear cut and simple as possible for you. Upon your consultation we can:

  • Arrange for an eye exam
  • Provide you with a prescription
  • Discuss the differences between traditional frames and contact lenses 
  • Show you a wide variety of styles and colors 
  • Help you find the right eyeglasses that meets your aesthetic and functional needs

Please come and see us in York, Geneva, and Hebron!  Allow us to walk you through a wide range of choices for our eyeglasses and sunwear!

Why choose us?

  • In the York, Geneva and Hebron area for over 25 years
  • Comprehensive eye health and vision examinations 
  • Newest technology in contact lenses
  • Large selection of fashionable name brand and high end eyewear in all three locations
  • Exceptional customer service 

Our services

  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations
  • Treatment and management of ocular disease
  • Emergency and red eye visits
  • Contact lenses--routine and specialty fittings 
  • Glasses and sunwear 
  • Low Vision
  • Home based Vision Therapy

New Patients Receive 15% OFF Second Pair of Complete Glasses!


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