Simple Signs You Need Optometry Service for Glaucoma in Hebron and York NE

Glaucoma is a complicated disease. This progressive disease could lead to vision loss or optic nerve damage. Mid-America Vision Center offers scheduled optometry visits in order to detect glaucoma early. If you are near Hebron, York or Geneva NE, you have a place where we will ensure that your vision is preserved through regular visits. 


Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma comes in many types, but there are two major types that can easily be detected through optometry visits. 

  1. Primary Open-Angle - (POAG) this occurs when the blockage is somewhere beyond the eye on the inside. Fluids build up and cause high pressure inside the eye that often needs to be drained.
  2. Angle-Closure Glaucoma - Closed Angle Glaucoma occurs when the blockage accumulates at the entrance of the eye. 

While there are other types of glaucoma such as secondary glaucoma or developmental glaucoma, these are the two main types that are presented most often in patients. Early detection is essential. This is why our optometry clinic does pressure tests for glaucoma on an annual basis. 

Signs of Glaucoma

The most obvious symptom of glaucoma is severe eye pain. This is sometimes referred to as high Intraocular pressure (IOP). Many people that have early signs of glaucoma report halos around their eyes or blurred vision, severe headaches, and abdominal pain that may include nausea and vomiting. Some patients report sudden loss of vision.  Your eye doctors at Mid-America Vision Center in York and Hebron will assist you with reducing some of your symptoms. Eye drops are available to relieve some symptoms, but once the disease progresses, restoring eyesight that is lost due to glaucoma is not possible. 

Schedule a Glaucoma Screening with Our Optometry Clinic in York or Hebron

Our eye doctors at Mid-America Vision will work with you to determine the best course of action if you are diagnosed with glaucoma. We are able to test you for glaucoma in a matter of seconds and you will have answers about your eye health. Schedule an exam today by clicking here or calling us at  402-362-3313 in York, 402-759-4536 in Geneva, or  402-768-6651 in Hebron. 

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