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Just as people need to get their annual physical done every year, it is also important for everyone to take proper care of their eyes. There are numerous reasons why an eye exam should be performed every year and one of them is that certain conditions might be caught before they start to cause symptoms. One example is a disease called keratoconus. This is a serious condition that can cause someone to rapidly lose their vision. Therefore, there is some basic information that everyone should keep in mind. The helpful team at Mid-America Vision Center is here to help everyone in the York and Hebron areas get the eye care that they deserve.


What is Keratoconus?

For those who may not know, keratoconus is an eye disease that will progress gradually. It impacts the cornea of the eyes. Typically, the cornea is a round shape. When this disease sets in, the cornea starts to change shape and start to build out in the shape of a cone. Because the cornea is now shaped like a cone, at deflects light in the wrong direction, away from the retina. This causes people to have blurry vision. This disease can cause damage to either one or both eyes during the teenage years or younger adulthood.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Keratoconus?

As the disease starts to progress, the symptoms will become more and more severe. As the light has moved away from the retina, people will develop a variety of visual symptoms. Some people might become nearsighted. Other people might develop astigmatism. Individuals with this disease will also develop a severe glare in their vision and become sensitive to light. Those who have this disease often need to have their eyeglasses prescription changed every time they see an eye doctor. This should be a red flag for everyone involved.

How is this Condition Treated?

Once the diagnosis has been made, the treatment of this disease can take several forms. Eyeglasses with a prescription can correct the vision problems temporarily, but the problems will get worse unless the issue is corrected. Typically, this condition is corrected using a surgical procedure. This will move the cornea back into a normal shape, leading to the resolution of the symptoms.

Trust the Experienced Team at Mid-America Vision Center

This is a serious eye condition and everyone in the York and Hebron areas should visit an eye doctor regularly to ensure that this is not developing. For those who have questions about their eye care, please call Mid-America Vision Center today to schedule an appointment. We are here to ensure that everyone receives the eye care that they deserve.

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