Keratoconus FAQs

Our ophthalmologists at Mid-America Vision Center in Hebron and York can treat a variety of eye conditions, including keratoconus. There are many misconceptions about this condition that our doctors will rectify when you come in for a visit. For the time being, you can check out this FAQ to get more information about keratoconus. 

Can the Progression of Keratoconus Be Halted by Rigid Gas-Permeable Contacts?

Unfortunately, the progression of this condition can only be temporarily slowed by rigid gas-permeable contacts (RGPs). RGPs are often the first line of defense against keratoconus, but they are not capable of managing the condition long-term. Corneal collagen crosslinking is a better option for long-term management of keratoconus. 

Will Intacs Both Treat Keratoconus and Replace Glasses/Contacts?

The Intac inserts, which go under the surface of the cornea to return it a more normal shape, can only help manage keratoconus. Intacs actually make it easier to find contact lenses that fit, but they do not provide vision correction in and of themselves. Contacts and/or glasses are still necessary for optimal visual acuity.

Will Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Treatment Help?

Corneal collagen crosslinking treatment can be very effective in managing keratoconus. This treatment has been shown to halt the progression of this condition in its tracks. Of course, everyone sees different results. You may even notice an improvement in your vision when you get corneal collagen crosslinking in conjunction with glasses or contacts.

Could My Keratoconus Result in Total Blindness?

If left untreated, keratoconus may seriously impair your vision to the point that it is difficult to have a normal quality of life. However, keratoconus does not result in total blindness. Through the progression of the disease, your corneas will continue to accumulate scar tissue, making it more and more difficult to see. Also, the condition can make it difficult to find contacts that fit. In the worst-case scenario, keratoconus may lead to a cornea transplant.

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